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My actual research topics are : Research by design, human-data interactions, and big data for connexions discoveries.

But they have also been :

  • Human behaviours mining (for decision-making and mobility studies) based on CDR data, ip probes, attention measurements
  • Digital economics: cultural goods consumption and rich get richer/long tail effects
  • Perception, visualization & design of information
  • Social networks analysis aiming to unfold the popularity, promotion and authorities dynamics
  • Collective intelligence and crowd sourcing: how to detect weak signals from collective
  • Spatiotemporal and geographical data analysis for behavioural studies
  • Eye tracking research and applications

Academics collaborations : Claus-Christian Carbon  (Uni Bamberg); Thierry Baccino (Laboratoire Lutin); Marta Gonzalez (MIT); Carlo Ratti (MIT);Valery Kirzner (Haifa Uni & ortbraud college); Christian Licoppe (ENST); Camille Roth (CNRS)

PostDoc supervision: Nguyen Van Hanh, Jong Gun Lee (May 2011 – May 2012)


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[Book] PhD Thesis, Editions Edilivre (Paris); decision making and visual attention, an eye-movements based modelling.

[Conf Paper] Couronné, T. Guerin-Dugue, A., Marendaz, C., Dubois, M., Faye. P. Mixture modeling and parzen kernels use to infer attention from eye-movements : Extracting relevant visual properties of objects European conference on eye movements 2007, Germany. Published in Journal of Eye movement research, Vol. 1

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